Company Profile

Energy security is an important role of living standard and bridging the power to Economic Growth, stability of the nation in everywhere.

Asia Solar Co., Ltd is one of Solar Energy solution provider for you in Myanmar. We (AS) aiming to be the best in class of value products, concentrated on customer relationship and also ensuring their satisfaction will always be our first priority. “Live a Greener life with the help from Asia Solar”

We specialized to cover the entire value chain, ranging from project development, construction, financing to operations and maintenance of solar systems and our expertise focuses on the technical and economical optimization of the solar power plants. Asia Solar is developing a qualified line of Foreign Direct Investment in the photovoltaic sector of currently energy fulfill 2030 plan in Myanmar.

We provided PV Energy, sustainable power sources for residential, commercial and Regional Government by using high quality products delivered at competitive prices. Such as Solar Rooftop System for Commercial & Industrial, Solar Mini-Grid system in Rural Area under guideline of DRD, Solar Home System (SHS), Street Light, Water Pumping, related Accessories and Consultation together.

Founded in 2011, installed more than 700 projects within 8 years and the most of the projects are primarily installed in Dry-Zone Area, where was Mandalay, Sagging and Magway region.

We used our vast experience in the domestic and commercial Solar PV market to ensure you get the best possible advice and services. Our Engineering teams have installed thousands of PV systems in households (HH) and businesses throughout our Nation and Abroad.

Our success is embedded in our ability to provide honest and reliable service to all of our customers, we’ll always work with you to install PV system that is going to work reliably for your needs.

Alongside our installation work are also provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services, from fault fixing to improve the performance of older systems, ensuring that you continue to make the most of your solar installation for years to come with us.